General Business Terms and Conditions

For public events such as lectures and demonstrations it is generally not needed to submit a registration.

Please send us your registration for all other events (e.g. workshops, courses, seminars, private consultations, etc.). Registrations will be process in the order of their arrival. Subscriptions (via phone, e-mail, mail or fax) are binding and definite.

The maximum number of participants is rarely restricted. In case of a restriction it will be clearly displayed in the description of the event. All our events are usually open to every interested visitor. With a participation, no other obligations are attached. It is the right of the organizer to refuse a subscription without giving further reason.
In case of cancellation of an event, the organizer refunds any advance payments. Demand of any further requirements to this are strictly not possible. Cancellation will be communicated in writing or by phone.

In case the services offered are not called up partially or completely by the participant, refunds, reductions or claims for compensation are not applicable.
Cancellation of a registration within 7 days before the event is subject to an administrative fee of CHF 50.- per event. Cancellation within less than 7 days before the event, the complete fee will be billed to the participant. If the participant can organize a substitute person, the subscription will assigned fully to the substitute person. By phone agreed private consultations are likewise binding and definite. Annulations possible until 48 working hours prior to consultation (Saturdays and Sundays excluded) and are subject to an administrative fee of CHF 50.- per event. A later annulation or no-show will be billed in full amount. It is possible to organize a substitute person.

The total costs are to be paid until 14 days prior to the event, if not agreed upon differently. If you have subscribed short-noticed or paid right before the event, please bring along your confirmation of payment (payment slip). Participants who wish to settle the rest of the payment in cash can do so until 20 minutes before start of the event at the cash desk to ensure a timely beginning.

Usually two prices are indicated. The second, less high amount is applicable for members of the Basler Psi-Verein (BPV) or of the Schweizerische Parapsychologische Gesellschaft (SPG). We aim to keep costs as low as possible. If it is not affordable for you to attend an event, please contact us to strive for a solution.

Getting here
By public transportation: Starting from train station Basel SBB directly by tram number 8 until stop "Neubad" (tram direction "Neuweilerstrasse"). From stop "Neubad" another 100 metres by foot in driving direction on the left hand side of the street. Basler Psi-Verein is located in the blue house with address Neuweilerstrasse 15.

Food / Catering
Close to Neuweilerstrasse there are some restaurants and shopping facilities. It is possible to bring along pick-nick to have here. If the weather is nice and warm, our terrace is at your disposal.

To book accommodation Is in the responsibility of every participant. Please find some recommendations here.

Every speaker and participant is responsible for their own statements, actions and decisions made. It is up to oneself to decide which events to attend, how to profit most of it and how to handle experiences.

The facilitator notes that no promises for healing can be given and no liability for outcomes of eventual treatments, evidences or advices can be taken. The responsibility is completely and in any case up to the participant. All insurances (illness, accident, (third party) liability and annulation) is up to the participant solely.

The websites contain also links to third party pages. Basler Psi-Verein cannot be hold responsible for their contents, services or other offers as well as their compliance with data privacy regulations. To activate those links is within your repsonsibility only.

Post or bank connections
Post account: 40-21493-5

Bankaccount Basler Kantonalbank (Switzerland):
Konto Nr.:16448.206.36, IBAN: CH31 0077 0016 0448 2063 6, Swift: BKBBCHBB, BIC: BKBBCHBBXXX

Postbank Karlsruhe (Germany and EU):
Konto Nr.: 606304758, Bankleitzahl: 66010075, IBAN: DE73 6601 0075 0606 3047 58, BIC: PBNKDEFF

Law applicable / Legal venue

Contracts subject to Swiss Law. Legal venue is Basle (Switzerland).