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In our English version only events held in English are listed.

Kindly note that all the workshops and lectures will be translated into German and that not for all English speakers
the information currently is available in English also.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Brandon Bays (USA)
The Journey
Gregg Braden (USA)
Spiritual Teacher
Paul Carter (USA)
Trust and Healing with ALOHA
Mantak Chia (TH)
Universal Healing Tao
Christina Grof
(USA) Holotropic
Stanislav Grof
(USA) Holotropic
Colin Hall (GB)
Spiritual Art
Jasmuheen (AUS) Ways of Freedom
Tulku Lobsang (Tibet/India)
Buddhist Master
Maitra (USA)
Spiritual Development
Bill Meadows (UK)
Physical Mediumship
Dan Millman (USA)
Spiritual Development
Christine Morgan
(UK) Mediumship
William Nonog (PH) Spiritual Healer
Adnan Sarhan (USA) Sufi Master, Musician
Brant Secunda
(MEX) Huichol Indian Shaman and Healer
Gordon Smith
(UK) Mediumship
Dr. Chuck Spezzano
(USA) Psychology
of Vision
David Thompson (UK/AUS)
Physical and Trance Mediumship
Steven Upton
(UK) Healing, Mediumship
Alberto Villoldo
(USA) Shaman Knowledge
Neale Donald Walsch(USA)
with God